Hey Loves ♡ I'm excited to bring you some of our favorite styling tips so you can layer your MD&M pieces to perfection! When layering necklaces, we feel that there is no right or wrong way. We love the idea that everyone expresses themselves differently through fashion, and we think that you should embrace that! Here are a few tips to get you started, but most of all have fun with it!
We like to start the layering process with our longest piece. The length of your necklace can depend upon the neckline of your blouse. We like to use this as a guide when building layers. For this example, we will use Our 20" Locked In The Cosmos Necklace as a starting point. I absolutely love this necklace because of it's versatility. The style of this chain is convenient for those who want options. It can be worn as the standard length of 20" or as short as a choker, take your pick.
Now that we have our longest necklace, we're going to go ahead and add our shortest chain!
Our 16" Brat Designer Chain is great for adding a bold element when layering. We love the idea of mixing up different chain textures, it makes for a more impactful look, so push the boundaries and get creative!
(Pro Tip: Mixing chain textures also helps prevent tangling)
The reason we add our longest and our shortest necklaces first, is so we can establish the length we need for our statement piece. This is where our eyes will naturally draw and where you will want to incorporate your show stopper. We love Calypso for this reason, and it's unique look will guarantee compliments. Our 16" Calypso Necklace features a 2" extender which makes it really convenient to adjust the length to fit the look you are going for. For this specific layer, we recommend wearing Calypso at 18".    
 Now that it's looking gorgeous you can stop here or you can add a little something extra!!!
(When new to layering, you may want to work in the rule of three). This all depends on preference of course,
but I personally love to add a lot of textural elements to my layered look. For that reason, I go ahead and stack another chain. Our 15" Dream Girl Designer Chain is perfect to add the glitz and shine to your layer.
Layered necklaces add a nice touch to any outfit and is an amazing way to express your individuality and style. Moondust & Monarchs is all about that! We'd love to see our pieces paired with some of yours. We're obsessed with jewelry and the sentiment it holds. If your statement piece tells a story, we'd love to hear about it! Don't be shy, tag us @moondustmonarchs with some of your creative layers.

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